Telephone Systems


Systel Communication is dedicated to delivering best-value communications products and services based on our innovative solutions that are appropriate to your business needs both now and in the future thereby developing a successful long-term business relationship which is based on mutual trust and respect.
If you have had installed a new telephone system or upgrading your existing phone system,  we can provide a cost-effective solution that will that will meet your business communication needs and scalability for your future needs.

Services that we can provide are:

  • ISDN
  • ISDN30
  • Traditional lines
  • Digitals Lines
  • IP phones
  • Hosted phone
Telephone System
  • Expert advice to find you the idael solution
  • A Range of robust solutionsFor all business sizes
  • project Managers will handle the installation,
    programming,traning and ongoing support
  • 12 months free cover


Telephone System
  • The latest technology for voice,data and video communication
  • Reliable,feature rich solution for small businesses
  • Little or no capital expenditure for high end features and benifits


Telephone System
  • Identify issues before they occur and keep the system running smoothly
  • Budget efficiently rather than paying a primium whenever an issue occurs
  • Have a quick, single contact point is an unexpected issue occu