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Systel Hosted Desktop provides state-of-the-art desktop for each user, which is design to meet the requirements of the business. Users can connect to their Hosted Desktop from anywhere, as long as you have internet connection, from the office, home or whilst on the road.


Hosted Desktop reduces your Capex total ownership by up to 35% with automatic upgrades, virus protection, data backup and systems maintenance.


With our Hosted Desktop service, you only pay for the services that you need so no slack or redundancy with any capacity, applications or licences.  All Microsoft Office software updates, server upgrades and data backup are included as part of the service.


With our up-to-date Hosted Desktop services, there is no need to buy new PCs or Servers and all users use just one operating system, regardless of the hardware being used.


Any business applications such as CRM, ERP, databases or accounting packages that you are currently running can be seamlessly integrated.



  • The cloud-based IT system can reduce total cost of IT ownership by up to 35%.
  • Automatic upgrades, virus protection, data back-up, system maintenance and network monitoring with a smaller IT department.
  • Share files and folders with colleagues to improve collaborative – increase productivity and staff morale.
  • With no down time, staff can be more productive with strategic business decisions.
  • Monthly predicable costs, with reduce business risk.
  • Wide range of devices can be used, including existing laptops, tablets, smartphones or iPads.
  • The ability to define user access rights ensures sensitive data is protected from unauthorised viewing and copying.
  • Full integration of software functions is preserved so applications that use multiple programmes will continue to work.
  • Capital expenditures can be used for strategic investments as there is no need to buy new PCs, Servers or Microsoft Licences.
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