Hosted Environments

Systel Hosted Desktops, Cloud Servers, IaaS and Colocation Services, gives your business the scalability and flexibility to react to changing business needs. Our expertises will work with your business demands



desktopHosted Desktop

We provide users with a Hosted Desktop that can be accessed from anywhere, in the home, office, or on the move.

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Cloud Servers

Our Cloud Servers are power-on-demand virtual machines hosted in world-class infrastructure. Our data centres are fortify with automated firewalls, autoscaling with a wide range of applications and operating systems, your business can tap into resources that are standing by and ready to work in a short amount of time.

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cloud_servicesDedicated Servers IaaS

Dedicated Servers IaaS enables you to rent dedicated hardware in our managed and secure datacentres. Install and build your own applications without the associated hassle of maintaining servers by exploiting our sophisticated, exclusive infrastructure.

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Colocation lets you put your servers in our professional data centre. This enables you to gain economies of scale, advanced infrastructure, greater bandwidth, lower latency, specialist services and systems, constant security, and a whole host of additional advantages.

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