Aastra 6739i (39i)
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Quick Overview

The Aastra 6739i (39i) offers powerful features in an advanced, expandable executive level IP phone


This phone is ideally suited for senior professionals who require a powerful, flexible IP telephone to maximise their communications efficiently


The Aastra 6739i requires a universal AC Power Adapter


The Aastra 6739i (39i) IP Phone includes the following features:

Large Touch Screen Display

The high resolution (640 x 480) full VGA backlit LCD Touch Screen display is at the heart of the Aastra 6739i. A state of the art display, the screen provides helpful navigational menus to take full advantage of the powerful telephony features this SIP phone brings to the desktop. Adjustable contrast and brightness settings can be used to ensure maximum resolution quality in any lighting environment. The screen size is large enough to offer multiple touch screen softkeys which can be customised as speed dial/function keys

Remarkable Audio
The Aastra 6739i IP telephone incorporates Aastra Hi-Q™ audio technology to deliver enhanced performance and voice clarity. Integrating wideband audio software and full frequency response hardware, this phone goes one step beyond maximising the acoustic performance to deliver a remarkable audio experience on every call, whether using the handset, hands-free speakerphone or headset port. Sound quality and performance are clearly elevated to a new level

Flexible Headset Options
Providing enhanced headset flexibility, the Aastra 6739i allows for a variety of headset options. Featuring a built-in Bluetooth interface and a dedicated EHS (DHSG) port, the Aastra 6739i facilitates mobility around the office while enjoying remarkable audio quality on your wireless headset. Additionally, a standard modular headset connector with built-in amplifier provides easy connection for traditional commercial headsets

Simplified Deployment
From initial deployment and configuration to future enhancements and upgrades, the Aastra 6739i is designed to save your business time and money. Dual autosensing switched Gigabit Ethernet ports eliminate additional wiring and simplify installations without compromising the bandwidth required by power users. Integrated IEEE 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet allows easy deployment with centralised powering and backup. Easily created configuration files, using any text editor, can be used to configure phones individually or centrallyThe Aastra 6739i is one of the latest high end models released from their makers. More so, it is the most advanced unit created for enterprise applications. Equipped with powerful features, this model will surely provide excellent competition to other brands


The very first thing that will immediately catch anyone’s attention is the presence of a very large display. The 640 x 480 VGA LCD display with backlit function provides crisp high resolution images. It also doubles its functionality as touch screen for helpful soft key functions. Powerful and state of the art, this screen has adjustable contrast and brightness settings that make it viewable under different lighting conditions. Not bad for an initial impression


The huge screen creates an impression that the Aastra 6739i is really huge, when in fact it’s not. Nonetheless it’s weight is a bit lighter than the other competing models. This IP Phone is equipped with 9 line capacity coupled with 9 separate call appearances. Aside from the soft keys that are accessible through the touch screens, there are hard keys assigned specifically to 3 lines, and these include separate LED indicators as well. The display can also provide users with an onscreen keyboard that is useful for easy data entry and editing purposes


One of the biggest innovations on the Aastra 6739i phone is the full support for wideband codec, which is needed for HD class voice quality. With a built in Hi-Q audio technology, conversations can be carried out with life-like, crystal clear quality. With the ability to select from handset, speaker phone to headset option, sound quality remains consistent throughout


Another great feature is the built in Bluetooth connectivity. This enables interfacing with devices like a wireless headset, allowing users to communicate without being seated in front of their office desk. With a built in USB port, it is possible to load media files like videos and music files into the Aastra 6739i for a really personalised experience


Other than the typical features that is presents in most IP phones like call forward, transfer, waiting and time, the Aastra 6739i also has a built in intercom capability and paging with auto answer. Distinctive ringing allows assigning different ring tones to different contact from the call directory for easy caller identification even without looking at the screen


With all the power features that are integrated into the Aastra 6739i, the price tag is a bit higher than its predecessor. Suffice to say, this model is most suitable for the business enterprise that would be able to fully utilise all the key features indicated


Additional Information


12 Months Warranty




640×480 Colour Touch Screen

WiFi Support



Ethernet (RJ-45)

Ethernet Port Speed


Number Of Ethernet Ports


Ethernet Cable Included



AC or PoE

AC PSU Included


Number Of Programmable Keys


SIP Accounts/IDs


Expansion Keypad Available

Aastra 560M (M675i) OR Aastra 536M (M670i)



USB Port


HD Voice Technology


Headset Interface

RJ-9 Port

Electronic Hook Switch Support


Handsfree Speakerphone


Skype Support


Microsoft OCS/Lync Support


Presence Indicator